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  • Páginas Amarillas launches a free offline navigation app.

    Páginas Amarillas launches a free offline navigation app.

    Páginas Amarillas launched a free navigation app available both on Android and iOS. The app’s name is Yugou and taking into account the companies involved the bar was set really high. NDrive was responsible for developing the software while Páginas Amarillas will work on the local search aspect of the business.


    The goal was to create a premium navigation app, one that is perfectly adjusted to what the Spanish market needs and able to fight for the top ranks on both operating systems. It includes free maps and speed cameras information for Spain, Portugal and Andorra. Yugou users do not need an Internet connection to navigate to any address or to any of the thousands of Points of interest that come with the map.


    One other great aspect of this app is the free lifetime updates, and since we are talking about tomtom maps, that’s something worth mentioning. This is another great step on the freemium business model. Local search companies have a lot to gain from mobile navigation, it’s the type of technology that people really engage to and actually take great value from. This solution literally leads customers to businesses’ doors. NDrive and Páginas Amarillas have nothing but great things to hope for.


    Páginas Amarillas is a company with over 45 years of experience on the Spanish market. They currently specialize in helping companies on the process of digital transformation, turning their clients into relevant players on the digital world.

  • NDrive and Mediatel - SIINDA "Beyond Search" Summit

    NDrive and Mediatel - SIINDA "Beyond Search" Summit

    SIINDA’s latest conference took place October 14-16 in Prague. This summit’s theme focused on the new technologies that are currently shaping the world in general and the local search business in particular. These are fast paced times; it was only yesterday that companies had to adjust to a world where users logged on the computer for information, shopping or simply to connect with someone. Now, just a few years later, companies have to face a mass trend migration from desktop to mobile.


    Business can change a lot in the future, but one thing we can be sure of: “where the people are is where the companies need to be”. The latest numbers show it, smartphones have huge market penetration rates throughout the world and people are more and more depending on their phones to search, decide and shop. Another interesting change brought by the mobile interface is the overwhelming preference for apps instead of the more traditional web browser, at this time 86% of the mobile user time is spent on apps, 85 billion apps have been downloaded to date and they are part of every step of the sale, by promoting, giving information or actually selling the product or service.


    Navigation is a category of its own when it comes to apps and a constant presence on the overall tops for most downloaded mobile applications. And why is that? Well, it wasn’t just the cyber world who got a little bit more complex, cities have grown, people are travelling more and navigation provides the service of connecting the web search to the physical place, and this, for sure, will become exponentially valuable.


    NDrive believes that good technology should set one free and help experience the real world, and that future local search will be inseparable from trustworthy navigation that can connect people and businesses. Mediatel, a local search player in Czech Republic believes it too, and that’s why both companies were invited to share their partnership story at the summit.


    This is a recent story but a successful one and to all the players that couldn’t be part of this great initiative, we can honestly say that it feels good to be a case study.

  • NDrive and Eniro Group Ever Growing Partnership

    NDrive and Eniro Group Ever Growing Partnership

    The NDrive/Eniro Group partnership has been the focus of previous news here at NDrive. It’s hard not to highlight a relationship when there is such good results and so much to be proud of, after all, virtually all the apps developed are at the top of their categories, have in some cases won important awards, and are highly regarded by thousands of users as indispensable day-to-day tools.


    Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Poland were the first markets to be targeted, and now, this case study relationship is strengthened by the inclusion of Finland. The strategy of adjusting the apps to different markets using Eniro’s local highly recognizable brands is clearly a major factor for success. 0100100 is a household name in Finland, providing for local search, tech support and customer services since 1911.


    The fact that this joint venture continues to add value to both NDrive and Eniro, allowed this to be a very smooth expansion, and consequently the Eniro Group will be making a considerable investment on promoting the brand new 0100100 Navi app with television, radio and mobile campaigns.


    Both companies are very confident that 0100100 Navi will soon be one more exciting paragraph on a very fruitful story.

  • Eniro Navigation achieves “Best Free Navigation Solution” award

    Eniro Navigation achieves “Best Free Navigation Solution” award

    Why spend money on a GPS device when you most likely have one in your pocket?” – This was the question raised by "Vi Bilägare", one of Sweden’s largest car enthusiasts magazines. On answering this question, eight smartphone apps, that included the best-known names on the navigation market were compared and evaluated on a set of different criteria and put to the test on city traffic, country road and motorway scenarios.

    Eniro Navigation won the Best Free GPS App Award, the overall performance was perceived as very good, and the possibility to navigate not only to addresses but also to businesses, individuals and products was described as a “huge plus. Exemplary simple maps and the availability of additional paid services as other country maps, speed cameras and traffic information were also mentioned as qualities that fundamentally help form a navigation app that perfectly adjusts to the Swedish user.

    This award is one more stepstone on a very successful partnership between NDrive and the Eniro Group, a success story that allowed the consistent presence of four differentiated apps (Gule Sider Navigasjon, Eniro Navigation and Krak Navigation) on the top of their category on three different countries (Norway, Sweden and Denmark).


  • NDrive Launches NLife USA Premium for iOS

    NDrive Launches NLife USA Premium for iOS

    Here at NDrive our objective was always to develop the best navigation apps and make them accessible to as many people as possible.


    Sometimes that means exploring interesting business models with well-known local market players, other times it means implementing and developing our own brand NLife.

    That being said, it’s with great pleasure we announce the most recent addition to our app portfolio – NLife USA Premium for iOS. Our development team had been working on this project for quite a while and we were finally able to release it in the beginning of this month. To be able to serve what is perceived as the biggest market for technological products in the world, whose specificities go from the sheer size of the country, its immense population and the notorious prevalence of iOS powered devices, is a great honor.

    NLife USA Premium was created to adjust to all this, it’s a great app of which we are all very proud and our expectation is that a country so tech driven as the United States, will appreciate the product for what it fundamentally is: a Premium Offline GPS Navigation App.

    “With such features as offline maps, real-time traffic information, superior routing, speed camera warnings and a lifetime map license and updates, NLife USA Premium is designed for the driver who wants to experience world class guidance on his smartphone.” - says João Pedro Leite, R&D Director at NDrive. “We’ve shaped this solution to the US market, so that every driver can avoid traffic jams, get to their destinations faster, or simply explore the world around him.”

    Find out more more:

  • SIINDA SPRING CONFERENCE 2015 - NDrive & Eniro Group on Leveraging Partnerships

    SIINDA SPRING CONFERENCE 2015 - NDrive & Eniro Group on Leveraging Partnerships

    SIINDA, the Search and Information Industry Association continuously promotes events like the SIINDA Spring Conference which are remarkable opportunities to connect companies and develop new and exciting business models.

    During this year’s conference, among other distinguished guests, NDrive and the Eniro Group took the role of keynote speakers, respectively represented by João Pedro Leite (R&D Director at NDrive) and Jens Beckemeier (Head of Digital Product Development at Eniro Group). They presented the ongoing success of the partnership between both companies in the shape of a case study.


    If we try to summarize the event in a few words, there is an interesting statistic that comes to mind: “Every 2 days, we create as much information as we did from the dawn of civilization up until 2003.”
    It´s a powerful statement, scary even, there is a sense we are riding a profound change, but still, all bets are off concerning how this massive inflow of available data will affect us in let´s say 10 years.


    One thing is certain, this boom is due in great measure to “user content”. There are opportunities for recognizing behavior and consumer patterns, but all this complexity requires new and adequate organizational tools. That’s what Eniro is all about: making sense of an increasingly larger market by making it manageable.


    And how can one thrive in such an environment? How to stay relevant when the whole world is talking at the same time? Eniro made its move, placing its chips on the red board of innovation, by investing in new media and by continuing to add value to the public. That´s where NDrive came in: both companies recognized the need for leveraging professional partnerships with production ready services, and by integrating a high-end navigation service with an impressive customer and product database, they were able to score great results and revenue on a new and exciting business model.


    At the end of the day, it’s all about delivering value to the customer, and when partnerships are based on such premises, between conscious and dynamic companies that really understand the concept of innovation, there is little that can go wrong.

  • NDrive at the 2015 SIINDA Spring Conference

    NDrive at the 2015 SIINDA Spring Conference

    SIINDA – The Search & Information Industry Association, will be hosting its 2015 Spring Conference in Dublin, Ireland between the 18th and the 20th of March under the theme - “It’s all about being interactive”.


    This year’s event will bring together participants from over 3 continents and 25 different countries. NDrive will be participating as a speaker, hosting a presentation about leveraging partnerships, which will be conducted by NDrive’s R&D Director - João Pedro Leite and Jens Beckemeier – Head of Digital Product Development at Eniro.


    Eniro is a leading search company in the media industry, with operations in Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Poland. This successful partnership was born from the development of Local Search & Navigation Applications for the different branches of the Eniro Group.


    For more information on the conference, see the link below.

  • NDrive launches region-specific NLife apps, with pre-installed maps

    NDrive launches region-specific NLife apps, with pre-installed maps

    Almost a year has passed since we launched NLife globally. A brand new offline navigation app, using unique route calculation technology, along with other exciting connected features. Since then, NLife has been available in more than 100 countries, giving the users the ability to choose any map available, and try it before purchasing a lifetime license.


    So far, NLife is proving to be a great success in many countries, having reached top ranking positions in the iTunes App Store and Google Play. Apart from the NLife global app, we have decided to broad our catalogue, making things even more simple for our users. We are now launching region-specific apps with pre-installed maps, so that after the store download, the app is immediately ready to do what it does best: guide you towards your destination, quickly and safely.


    These brand new applications, with the map of your region of choice included in the bundle, are available in two different versions: premium and trial.


    Our premium versions, available only for iOS, offer you all the features of NLife, including lifetime turn-by-turn navigation and free map updates for 2 years, along with additional features such as TTS voices and Traffic.


    The trial versions, available for iOS and Android, include a fully-featured 15-days trial, after which you are invited to get the lifetime turn-by-turn feature, which also includes free maps updates. If you choose not to get the lifetime license, you can still enjoy the app as an offline map viewer and places finder, as well as a route planner.


    Get to know our current portfolio of published applications.

    NLife apps

    With these new products, we are certain to offer our clients an extensive range of applications, which will certainly meet their needs. When it comes to excellency in navigation, NLife has the right solution for you.

  • Heat wave travelling North

    Heat wave travelling North

    Five local information companies from the Eniro Group have just launched their own navigation applications, in four different countries: in Sweden “Eniro Navigation”, in Denmark “Krak Navigation” and “DGS GPS”, in Norway “Gule Sider Navigasjon” and in Poland “Panorama Firm Nawigacja”. These applications are available both on the iTunes AppStore and Google Play.


    Eniro is a search company with presence in the Scandinavia and Poland, which operates as a key player in the area of search operations, filtering organizing and presenting information, therefore enabling sellers and buyers to find people.


    The brand new apps were developed by NDrive and are just one more example of successful strategic partnerships with local players, by combining Ndrive’s expertise in navigation solutions, with our partners’ information databases, as well as their knowledge of the local markets. Our partners are able to present their user-base a fully-featured application, aimed to respond to their increasing needs of mobility, offering a way to efficiently search for local businesses and navigate towards them, all in the same platform.


    All these apps can be downloaded for free by iOS and Android users from the above mentioned countries.

  • NLife: Fully-featured Premium application with Powerful core technology

    NLife: Fully-featured Premium application with Powerful core technology

    NDrive's new application – NLife – is currently available worldwide through Apple's AppStore and Android's Google Play. Actually, it is not quite worldwide, and the reason for this is the existence of strategic and valuable OEM partnerships. By using NLife’s core technology to develop new apps and benefiting of the market know-how of local companies, NDrive is able to have projection in other large markets.


    The NLife application is out there and ready to face the challenges. The result of years of R&D is not only a powerful offline navigation application, but a complete new technology in its core, which is visible for example in the high performance of route calcultation and (the highly responsive) interaction with the the map interface. NLife is definitely more than a shining new navigation app and was developed having in mind user-interaction and usability. If you want to take a closer look at all the features, start here.


    The app can be downloaded for free in more than 30 countries, as a fully-featured 7-day trial. After the 7 days, you are invited to get a lifetime license of the turn-by-turn feature, for the map you have previously chosen, which also includes free map updates. If you choose not to get the lifetime license, you can still enjoy the app as a map viewer, a places finder and route calculator.


    As mentioned earlier, NDrive was able to create new navigation solutions using freemium business models, thus establishing strategic partnerships in several countries/markets, like Mappy GPS Free in France, Oi Mapas in Brazil and the latest one to be released: TuttoCittà NAV in Italy – a fully-featured navigation application, free for all, developed in partnership with Italy’s Yellow-Pages company: Pagine Gialle.


    If TuttoCittà app is to follow the previous projects’ results, NDrive’s up for another success case, earning top positions in category rankings, building a massive user community and obtaining good ratings.


    The future is bright, and we’ll surely navigate there using NLife.

  • NDrive and Oi to launch a Free Navigation System in Brazil

    NDrive and Oi to launch a Free Navigation System in Brazil

    NDrive software is the engine behind Oi Mapas, a new mapping and navigation app for smartphones, launched by leading carrier Oi in the Brazilian market today. The app is available for free to all Brazilian Android and iPhone users, even for subscribers from Oi competitors.


    Oi Mapas is a Premium turn-by-turn navigation app, running offline and not requiring internet access to work: by avoiding communication costs and latency, it provides a much better and faster navigation experience than the Cloud alternatives (like Google Maps or Waze).


    The product includes several leading edge features like advanced routing, updated maps and integration with social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare). NDrive has been successfully developing this new market approach and is now able to offer a premium navigation app for free.


    According to João Neto, NDrive's CEO, “We are enabling our Telco and Yellow Pages customers to develop communities of millions of engaged costumers and monetize them through Search and Ad displays. Oi is a perfect example of an innovative Telco in high-growth market changing the game with maps”.


    According to Gustavo Alvim , Oi VAS Manager, “With Oi Mapas we can differentiate in the market, deliver a high value map App to smartphone users and avoid the hurdles of cloud based navigation. Additionally we are creating a new revenue stream”.

  • Impressions from the MWC 2013

    Impressions from the MWC 2013

    This year’s industry-defining event, Mobile World Congress, was once again hosted in the Mobile World Capital Barcelona, at a new venue, Fira Gran Via. More than 72,000 attendees from 200 countries were treated to a wealth of learning and networking opportunities; product showcases and announcements; inspiration and innovation.

    NDrive was there, presenting its latest Navigation App for iOS and Android: NLife. This is the most important mobile show in the world, and the one where NDrive concentrates its major efforts. NDrive acknowledges that this is a strategic presence for three main reasons: to showcase a new product; to create new business opportunities and to follow-up global and local deals with flagship brands.

    At the same time, NLife has just been published in the Canadian App Store and Google Play store, and is now available for download. This new application runs on-board, providing a better user experience and avoiding communications hurdles and costs. NLife provides all of the state-of-the-art navigation features, enhanced with the latest technology improvements.

  • NDrive confirms presence at the MWC 2013

    NDrive confirms presence at the MWC 2013

    For the fourth consecutive year, NDrive will be present in the next edition of Mobile World Congress. The MWC has been growing in the past years, to become “the” mobile technology show, supported by the presence of numerous key players, such as HTC, Samsung, LG and many others.
    In 2013 this will be no exception, and that's why NDrive chose this occasion to launch its most recent product: NLife. The new navigation app presents a completely disruptive image, combined with an aesthetically appealing map interface and a re-designed search concept.
    NDrive will be exhibiting at the "App Planet" Hall (8.1).
    Since the target of this fair is B2B, NDrive will also display the multiple business models available for its corporate customers, whether they are telco operators, global manufacturers or mapping companies.

    For more information about the MWC visit