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Karta GPS is a free offline GPS and Maps that allows you to explore new places and drive with advanced turn-by-turn instructions. Did we mention that it’s all free? Download all the maps you need, without limits.

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A very cool feature that will give you curated suggestions based on any location, current or not.

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Offline navigation

No costs, No worries.

Karta GPS can navigate offline: just turn off your data and enjoy the ride. This can be very handy driving through remote areas and it won’t cost you a thing!

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Available on Stores

Karta GPS is an efficient turn-by-turn GPS navigation app for iOS and Android phones.

Download Karta GPS for iOS
Download Karta GPS for iOS
Download Karta GPS for iOS
Download Karta GPS for iOS
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Make it your own!

In addition, on the downloads section you can add extra features to enrich your experience.
We are sure you’ve always wanted to have a mafia guy or Donald Trump guiding you. Now you can!

Karta GPS funny voices includes Trump
Karta GPS funny voices includes a mafia guy


Pedestrian Mode

Switch between driving and pedestrian mode.


Send a location via email, sms, social media and more.

Alternative routes

Alternate between 3 different routes.

Roadbook & simulation

Access a step-by-step route log or a route simulation in motion.

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