About us



NDrive is an independent developer and provider of a state-of-the art Turn-by-Turn navigation software for Smartphones, Automotive and Personal Navigation Devices (PND), with a proven, market-leading licensing business.
NDrive’s software is based on on-board map data, providing a network independent user experience, and connects to the Cloud for a wide range of Location Based Services, including map updates, real-time traffic information and social networks integration. Worldwide map and services coverage are provided from several third-parties, including Nokia, TomTom and Open Street Maps.
The company was founded as a spin-off of a digital map player in 2007, has headquarters in Porto, Portugal, and offices in Shenzhen.
NDrive is owned and managed by its founding entrepreneurs, leading a talented and dynamic team of 40 people with in-depth knowledge on Navigation and Location software. The company is highly cost and capital efficient.

Worldwide leading innovator

The consistent development of rich, well-reviewed consumer-centric navigation software solutions for Telecom, OEM and Smartphone manufactures, as well as local search companies has enabled the company to cultivate and maintain long term, valuable software licensing relationships with world leading customers, such as LG, Vivo, Eniro, Pages Jaunes and Samsung.
NDrive has developed a customer base of several million active users in more than 50 countries and is very well positioned to capitalize on high-growth markets through its leading position in Latin America, its focus on the smartphone market and its global presence on all relevant application stores.
By creating an engaging experience, enhanced with advanced features, advertising and local search integration, NDrive enables Telecom operators, Smartphone manufacturers and Local Search companies a new and profitable revenue stream.