Geolocation and Maps for All

NMaps provides dynamic maps, powerful geocoding and routing APIs that suit your needs and reveal the world around us – from the location of your assets to where your business is gaining traction.

“Now Geolink has full control over Taxi-Link’s costs that no longer fluctuate on a month to month basis, and are also significantly lower than any of its previous invoices.”

Worldwide Detailed Street Level Data

REST Web Services

  • Platform independent
  • Easy integration.

Routing Engine

  • Fast response time.
  • Bulk routes calculation and optimisation.

Rendering Support

  • Vector tiles server
  • GL JS Render Available


  • Geocoding and reverse geocoding capabilities
  • Location-aware results

NMaps Studio (coming soon)

  • Dive into custom map design
  • No experience required

JavaScript Framework

Build web application with feature-rich and customisable maps, through easy class and method libraries.

NMaps Rest API's

Integrate powerful location features with a flexible and lightweight REST architecture.

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