NDrive partners in Automotive Project

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NDrive has recently signed a 5 year deal that can prove to be its most emblematic automotive deal yet.

Although it is possible to spell navigation without the use of the word “Automotive”, it most certainly isn’t desirable, and NDrive has been pulling efforts in order to really tackle this vast and booming market.

Partnerships have been a part of NDrive’s story since its early days, being a small and fast moving team that can deliver big projects is pretty much in our DNA and this time we are partnering with Roctec, a car electronics company based in China that is part of Faurecia, an Industry giant whose mission statements include “Creating personalized experiences for the cockpit of the future”.

How big is the Faurecia Group you might ask? Well, let’s just say 1 in every 3 vehicles worldwide include Faurecia technology; They own 266 Industrial sites and 39 Research & Development centers while employing around 114,000 people in 35 different countries.

This project will consist of providing a fully customized navigation solution integrated into the various vehicle screens (including the infotainment unit and HUD) for 2 GAC Motor models.

GAC is a very interesting company in itself, they are China’s 6th biggest automobile manufacturer that recently ranked 176th on Fortune’s 500 2021 Edition. They are rapidly expanding to international markets with both hybrid and electric vehicles.

Another important milestone is that for the first time we have brought Karta technology (Core 3) to an automobile manufacturer’s production line, while also taking advantage of new technologies, including AIDL (Android Interface Definition Language) as a communication interface between our application and the other vehicle interfaces.

A state-of-the-art infotainment system with superior design and high value features such as on-board navigation have become an important selling point for car manufacturers worldwide. After years of what can be described as stagnation, the automobile industry is actually delivering new and world changing technology and we at NDrive are proud to take part of that new attitude by doing what we do best, helping people navigate the world.

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