Working in Porto – is it as amazing as they say?

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There’s a lot of attention going on around the city of Porto, even more so after it was nominated the Best European Destination in 2017. It seems almost unfair that most people who visit Portugal only choose to meet its “archenemy”: Lisbon, the capital.

It is a breathtaking city, and a wonderful place to visit, so can it also be a great place to live and work? As a designer at NDrive and as a resident for more than a year now, I’ll try and give a personal insight of what the buzz is all about.

An office, and a view

Classified as a World Heritage Site since 1996, Porto has a wonderful balanced setting between its historical value and early modernity. It’s easy to find time for a walk in Ribeira and wander through the local alleys. I still keep finding cool new places to have a beer downtown when exploring the historical center!

Gastronomy & wines

In case you’re not familiar with Portuguese cuisine, know that it’s as diverse as the landscape. It’s a land that easily offers a great selection of regional ingredients to cook healthy dishes with fish, seafood and meat.
The northern region of Portugal is also known for its hospitality, generous servings and good table service. So by the time I finish a night-out dinner, I already have lunch packed for me for the next day.

Never empty nights

I’m not a big town kind of person, but I do love the feeling of living in a city that never sleeps. Porto has as much to offer by night as it has by day. During weekdays you will find coffee shops and bars open until late hours, filled with people having a cold beer or a glass of wine after a busy day.

A strong Tech Startup game

There are a handful of big companies and international corporations with headquarters or main offices in the city. But what’s been catching people’s attention is Porto’s Tech Startup activity. Incubators like UPTEC, SpinLogic and inovagaia are growing on a daily basis and you can even join PortoStartupCoffee for meetings!

Making beautiful and useful apps is not an easy task. Like any other job it takes effort and focus from all Karta team members, but being in Porto makes it easier.

It was easy to label it Home

After a long day, it’s what the city has to offer to fill your free time that counts. Gladly, Porto has a little bit of everything I needed! From quiet places with amazing views, to cozy bars for every occasion. It even has a strong geek community which gets together and plans events! In a week or so, I was home.

Ultimately, the buzz is real: Porto is the place to be and a wonderful city to work in. It’s the kind of city that will keep you excited and entertained even on a routine, but where you can then restore your batteries for another day’s work, just like a warm cup of coffee.

Mafalda Barata
UI/UX Designer at NDrive

“The future belongs to those who learn more skills and combine them in creative ways.” ― Robert Greene, Mastery