What to do about traffic?

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Recently the popular YouTube channel AsapScience made an interesting video that tries to bring some light to a problem that afflicts a huge number of people all over the world. I’m referring to traffic, this modern age problem that is responsible for several types of waste.

It’s a waste when you are burning expensive and environmentally hazardous fuel, without actually moving.

It is also a waste to spend what may very well amount to entire days of your life stuck in traffic, feeling impotent as you watch your plans and patience slip away like sand running through your fingers.

The video starts by referring the traditional “villains” of traffic, such as accidents and congestions formed by things like tunnels, but after looking at the new data, we might as well call them scapegoats.

Apparently, traffic is in some way inherent to human nature: all you need for it to happen is enough humans inside cars, and due to our inability to maintain a constant speed and sticking to one lane, traffic jams are simply inevitable.
The video goes on to reference some experiences that seem to be pulling some good results such as synchronized traffic lights. It also provides an interesting number: if only 1% of the drivers would use public transportation instead, that would translate into a decrease of 18% in traffic. But let’s be honest, you probably don’t want to be part of that 1%, or maybe due to your specific needs this simply isn’t an option for you.
If you fit in that category, it’s in your best interest to know that there are other resources not mentioned in the video.

What if some of those drivers had some sort of competitive advantage, let’s say they know beforehand where the traffic jams are and which alternative routes they can take to avoid them. And what if that information is easily accessible in a practical and intuitive way?
Maybe in some kind of personal device that would work as an extension of the user…
I think you should know by now where I’m getting to, so why don’t you go and have a look at Karta GPS and take advantage of our traffic information, it’s available for iOS and Android and it won’t cost you a thing.

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