Taxi-Link Case Study – More for Less

Posted by Adriano Teixeira In: Business, Technology

Geolink is a company that works in the vehicle communications and spatial databases area, they developed a Taxi dispatcher platform (appropriately named Taxi-Link) to support the sending and management of several millions of vehicle requests each year.

The tool proved to be a success, it soon was adopted by all the main local industry players making it Portugal’s biggest taxi dispatch system, however, Taxi-Link’s success was proving to be somewhat of a problem.

Geocoding, reverse-geocoding and routing APIs were provided by Google, and the platform’s increase in usage would drive the costs up on an unpredictable, month by month basis.

That’s when we came in, with our help and by using our own location platform namely Geocoding, Reverse Geocoding and Routing APIs we managed to, in less than 4 months, deploy a new solution, this time on Geolink’s own Infrastructure.

Now Geolink has full control of taxi-link’s costs that no longer fluctuate on a month to month basis, and are also significantly lower than any of its previous invoices.

NMaps guarantee is 50% less on your current Geolocation and Mapping costs, be it self-hosted or Cloud-based.

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