NDrive and Taxi-Link – More Power to the User

Posted by Adriano Teixeira In: Business, Technology

Starting February this year, NDrive and Geolink will be working on a project together. With both companies being technology based, both founded in 2007 and literally only a few kilometers away from one another, it simply made sense.

Geolink started as a spin-off from research developed at the prestigious Faculdade de Ciências da Universidade do Porto (FCUP) Computer Science Department, and now in the area of vehicle communications and spatial databases.

Nowadays, all the main taxi central operations in Portugal are using Geolink technology (appropriately named Taxi-Link) to support the sending and management of several millions of taxi requests each year.

Our collaboration is centered on NDrive powering the current operation by providing access to our geocoding APIs, reverse-geocoding and routing expertises. 

The main objective and challenge is to optimize what can only be described as a very technically advanced and fully functional operation, but early tests are showing great results. As an example, by adding our input, the software was able to calculate the actual distance and nearest vehicle available from a predetermined call of a pool of 20 different taxis, in less than 1 second.

This is yet another step towards our goal of developing strategic partnerships and providing a wide range of location based services.

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