The 5 Most Traffic Congested Cities In The World

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With most of us spending these days in quarantine amidst the pandemic, it’s easy to forget what cities looked like just a few weeks ago. Traffic was a global nightmare and an incredible waste of time and resources. And as previous research on NDrive has shown, all that extra fuel has been slowly killing our environment too. Around the world, some cities like Porto and Lisbon previously expressed their concerns about their worsening traffic issues, but other places had it worse.

Before the pandemic, here were five of the most traffic-congested cities in the World.

Bengaluru, India

Infamously known as the “Most Congested City in the World,” The Logical Indian reports how the people of Bengaluru used to spend more than 240 hours stuck in traffic every year. That was ten full days wasted! Bengaluru is India’s version of Silicon Valley, so there was always a lot of activity. It’s also a popular tourist spot, boasting major architectural wonders such as Sultan Tipu’s Palace and Bengaluru Palace. While it’s definitely a must-visit, it’s recommended that you eventually explore it on foot.

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Lima, Peru

Lima has huge food markets and restaurants that make it ideal for food trips. However, you have to get around the traffic first. Car rides in Lima tend to nearly double in time, especially during rush hours. Luckily, the roads were pretty open on evenings and weekends, so you can definitely plan your food crawls for then.

traffic in lima peru
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Moscow, Russia

Much like Bengaluru, people visited Moscow to see the architecture. In fact, this city is home to one of the most iconic landmarks in the world—the Saint Basil’s Cathedral—which can be found in the heart of Red Square. However, Moscow used to run a little behind from other European countries in terms of urban de-congestion, as drivers needed 59% more time to get to their destinations. Russia Beyond informs of Moscow’s attempt to curb the traffic by building special lanes for public transport. It’s a move to encourage people to take the faster ride, and before quarantine, it was working pretty well.

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Istanbul, Turkey

Local elections in Istanbul always favor those who can propose the best solution to its ongoing traffic, and it’s no wonder why. Next to Moscow, Istanbul ranks second in Europe’s “Most Congested City” ranking, with over 53% extra travel time during peak hours. Unlike Peru, however, Istanbul’s traffic was more prevalent in the evening. When you eventually get a chance to visit, any sightseeing that you’ll be doing should definitely be before the clock hits 5 PM.

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Manila, Philippines

There’s a lot to love about Manila, from its yummy food to its warm hospitality. What’s not to like, however, was the traffic. Over 378,000 cars passed in Manila through the city’s main highways every day. On top of this, the Land Transportation Office reveals a total of 2.5 million vehicles registered in the metro, which is almost a third of the total number of cars in the country. To get around, it is recommended to walk, take the train, or ride a motorbike to avoid the main roads.

Manila traffic is a nightmare
credit: Philippine Star

If you’re planning on visiting any of these places after the pandemic settles down, make sure to consider the city’s commute system carefully. Traffic definitely isn’t fun, but it doesn’t have to stop you from enjoying the things these cities have to offer. Of course, you can also count on Karta GPS to help you avoid traffic and travel more seamlessly.

For now, please stay at home.

Written by Raven Jade for NDrive