MileMaker Case Study – Succeeding Remotely

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Rand McNally is an American company that can trace its origin to 1856 and their connection to the fine art of mapping has been there almost since its inception.

Business and geographical Atlas, roadmaps and all kinds of educational maps that are still being published to this day are amongst their achievements, but more than mapping the world, Rand MacNally shaped it, by creating cartography systems that are now the standard and erecting many of the roadside highway signs that were later adopted by Federal and State Law.

But just like the navigation business, Rand McNally hasn’t stopped there and evolved into a technology company that provides software and hardware for commercial transportation, and for the last 6 years, NDrive has been working closely with them on most of their flagship software, the most recent of them – MileMaker.

The MileMaker is a cloud-based web app that provides traffic-influenced routing, satellite map overlays and door-to-door driving directions. It’s made for Shippers, Carriers, Freight brokers and Logistic Companies and indispensable for planning, analysis and reporting by simulating scenarios, comparing multiple routes and calculating cost and mileage.

MileMaker designed a custom user interface with all its functionality powered by NMaps APIs.  Map was also enriched with specific transportation data layers developed in previous Rand McNally and NDrive partnering projects.

Our NMaps platform is also responsible for the Search feature and all the Routing Options such as regular traditional routing, matrix routing (multiple origins for multiple destinations) and route optimization that basically consists of reordering the stops as efficiently as possible.

Once again our NMaps platform proves its worth by adjusting to the client’s needs instead of the other way around.

This is another example of NDrive working successfully partnering with a major tech company, carefully listening to their expectations, providing our own expert input and remotely delivering a powerful and intricately built tool that will ultimately contribute to more efficient distribution operations.

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