5 US diners that will make you want to travel today

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Get to know some of the most iconic All American diners through the country. On your next road trip, make sure to stop when you see these. We promise that your soul will appreciate.

Even a thousand miles trip starts with one single step… or good coffee.

Ok, first things first: this text is not based on our personal experience. Although after finishing this article we will most likely start to make plans and check travel booking websites, this list was curated because we love food, and we make products for people that also love food, travel and mix those two in one major experience. So now you see why we love sharing this. If you’re near one of these spots, you are a lucky guy, Mister. If you are planning your next road trip, be sure to include them on your to-do list.

Start your engines, set up your GPS app and go go go

The following diners are not displayed on any specific order. We mostly based our thorough investigation in variables like the amount of drooling, the time until someone said they’re hungry and the number of travel booking sites on our browser favourites bar. Allons-y! (Pardon my French)

Fremont Diner; Sonoma, CA

According to some (not checked) online sources, this sweet spot excels in comfort food. Owner and proud Chef, Mr. Chad Harris takes the best out of what the surrounding region has to offer. If you happen to be driving through a rusty pickup parked outside and a glimpse of antiques filling the walls, look no further. Stop and nurture yourself. You deserve it. thefremontdiner.com

The Blue Benn; Bennington, VT

In the album “Moonlight in Vermont”, Willie Nelson has a song called “Blue Skies”. This first sentence would be out of context if this wasn’t one of the songs you can pick on the wall-mounted jukebox. Any $.25 will grant you two songs that will certainly match the decor of this 1948 diner, built in Jersey and shipped directly to Bennington. Did we mention the huge mixed berry pancakes? 4 out of 5 stars on Yelp are a no-brainer. Diner webpage

Plow; San Francisco, CA

When going through the beautiful menu at their website (check the link below) we saw something that shouted: this is good people, selling great products. On the very bottom of their yummy menu, including lemon ricotta pancakes and chia seed pudding, there’s a paragraph where they thank – and list – all the farmers and purveyors that make this place run in sweet maple syrup’s wheels. This has to be a proof of quality. Way to go, guys! By the way, they only accommodate parties of six or less. eatatplow.com

Diner Grill; Chicago, IL

Picture this: two hamburger patties, hash browns, onions, two sunny-side up eggs, covered with chilli and with a side of toast. Now freeze that mental image and think if you would be strong enough to finish it. Is that a yes I hear? It’s called “The Slinger” and you can put yourself to the test on this exquisite Chicago spot. This special plate is so overwhelming that all the finishers are entitled to a certificate, signed by the Chef itself. Just make sure to leave the car parked and walk for a few miles (50 will do) to help digest this. We are already planning our next trip in the office, and the Diner Grill will be stop.

Moody’s Diner; Waldoboro, ME

According to their website (just look at those awesome pictures on the header) they have served over one million people since 1927, the year where the thought of taking advantage from a newly opened route was materialised in a small diner and motel. Nowadays, it’s a well-known spot for travellers, offering 18 rooms, a 104-seat diner and a gift shop. Just remember one thing, do not finish this experience without tasting the cinnamon rolls or blueberry muffins. Hats off to Percy & Bertha, the original founders. moodysdiner.com

So many eggs Benedict, so little time

There’s a strange pleasure in writing about good food and exquisite places. This was just a glimpse of what a few hand-picked spots can do to our soul. The main lesson is that the majority of times we just need the will to go out and explore. No matter the destination, just make sure to experience what’s between A and B.

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