10 Youtube Channels you may not know about

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At Karta we’re all about giving directions, so it makes perfect sense to survey our brilliant team about some of their favorite YouTube channels and share them with our most beloved audience: you.

Not all of us can afford Netflix and in terms of variety and volume, YouTube reigns supreme. The following suggestions are not displayed in any particular order and reflect the multiplicity of interests among us. So sit back and enjoy these Karta curated gems, as you kiss your social life goodbye.

1. Big Think

A source of expert-driven educational content, featuring a huge range of interesting speakers. Lately they have shifted their focus from personal experience talks, to the analysis of diverse topics, but they still manage to create interesting and thought-provoking content.

Henry Rollins: The One Decision that Changed My Life Forever

2. What I’ve Learned

This channel dissects in an interesting manner many of the modern hot topics in a detailed and pleasant format. The content focuses on health, productivity and general self-improvement.

WHY Exercise is so Underrated (Brain Power & Movement Link)

3. Jack’s Movie Reviews

Jack (I assume that’s his name) does more than just reviewing movies, he analyzes character motivations, camera work and other aspects that make us understand and appreciate films that much more.

Sicario – The Dehumanization of War

4. Better Than Food: Book Reviews

A collection of exclusively positive reviews of books that are “better than food”. If you have a taste for literature, you’ll find excellent suggestions.  

On The Shortness Of Life – Seneca REVIEW/THOUGHTS

5. The School of Life

An easy, animated, digestible approach to philosophy and a very insightful collection of answers and advices to extremely human questions.

How To Choose A Partner Wisely

6. Geography Now

Very insightful and fast-paced. You will be surprised with some of the facts featured in this channel. Who knew Geography could be this much fun?

Geography Now! Belgium

7. Doug DeMuro

Doug DeMuro is not your average automobile reviewer. He can grab your attention with his fun personality and unorthodox approach.

Here’s Why the Tesla Model X Is an Awful Car

8. Marques Brownlee

There is a bunch of technology channels out there, but few can compete with Marques Brownlee’s quality content. A great way to decide what gadget you’ll buy next.

Smartphone Awards 2017!

9. Around The World 4K

If you are a fan of travelling and beautiful photography, then you should keep an eye on this channel. There you can find some of the world’s most beautiful cities, shot in amazing 4K quality.

Porto in 4K


Science is fascinating, no question about it, but thanks to AsapScience’s good work, it’s also fun and entertaining. Short, animated videos that succinctly answer pressing questions.

Amazing Facts to Blow Your Mind Pt.1

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