Driverless Cars – A Futurology Exercise

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In this age of great technological developments there are not many news that have risen as much controversy as the driverless car. But why is that? Is it just because it could potentially affect a lot of us? Or because it would, in some sense, mean the surrender of yet another activity that most of us have grown to identify as part of being Human? Can we trust the machines, or is the hand that builds them the focus of our fears? And is it really fear we feel or just a standard case of nostalgia? At this point we have mostly questions, but we can all agree that the integration of this kind of technology would mean some changes in our societies, including on the business aspect of things. Let’s dwell on that for a moment.

The Car Blanket

Every big technological breakthrough brings business opportunities, and we know that somewhere as you read this, there is a brainstorming taking place about how to commercially take advantage of the time people used to spend driving. Naturally we want to help, after all, we can all relate with the dread of commuting and that’s why we bet it’s only a matter of time until something like “The auto blankie” comes along, with a slogan like: dream your way to work.

The Auto Gym

Is it just me or we are currently riding the biggest exercise craze of recorded history? How long will you think you’ll have to wait until you notice that the person on the car next to you is squatting to the sound of the latest “7 minutes car routine”? It’s a brave new world out there (pun intended).

The Debates

Like in any other polarising subject, you can fully expect hundreds of news pieces, TV debates and interviews on the pros and cons of self-driving cars. And in no time that will turn into compilation videos on youtube with titles like “Self-driving cars advocate gets owned” or “Top 10 reasons why you should not drive”. Just stay away from the comments section, you don’t need that kind of negativity in your life.


Can you picture what a soul crushing game this would be? It’s not likely, but I have been surprised before with what some of us perceive as entertainment. For those reasons and more, I would be genuinely interested in “playing” the all new Self Drive Challenge, the only game where you don’t need any controls… At all.

Wheel Meals

This is a big one… Eating while driving has never been encouraged, because of the negative impacts of hot melted cheese on the average driver’s performance, but not anymore! In the future you can have your moving three course meal and pair it with some fine wine. And if some engineer figures out a way to make room for a mini-dish washer, I guess I’m all in.

Bottom line

The Bottom line is that things will unquestioningly change. Our advice is for you to enjoy our current state of driving (A non new agey way of saying live in the moment), and while you’re at it, enrich your current driving experience with our amazing apps: KartaGPS and AutoBud (iOS & Android).

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